Hello, I'm Duc Hau. I'm a Freelance Copywriter.

I have been and will be, helping e-commerce businesses. 

Especially about the furniture sales on their website, youtube channel.

Via content marketing and Google ads.


Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With


I Write Copy to Help You Deliver Message to Your potential customers

If you are having a hard time doing marketing, let me help you. Many business owners simply have difficulty using computers for content marketing and hire me for them.

Write standard SEO product descriptions for e-commerce site

Write and optimize product descriptions on your e-commerce website.
Companies will pay for the article that describes the product well. Because they know that customers will only buy after looking at the product details page. The same is true when you sell high priced products on the website
At the same time, it can be on the top of Google if the article brings real value to users.

Marketing Campaign ( PPC ads)

Write ads and manage PPC ads.

The best ads have the best copy.

That combined with a good product page or landing page, you will get more conversions as a result. More orders and more sales.
My opinion is that the sales, the keyword will be on top. 

And support for your organic traffic.


Youtube Script

If you want to increase sales with video marketing, video sales on Youtube. Then I can do that with my years of experience making videos and Youtube advertising.
This product will be available soon. This is also one of the products that bring in high ticket sales for my customers.

About Me

I Will Help You Win Pitches with Words & Concept

To successfully increase sales on e-commerce websites,
business owners need to make content according to 3 rules.
– The content reaches the right potential customers
– Produce content regularly and consistently every week, every month
– Make detailed content such as a full product page, neither missing nor redundant.
The sad thing, But, is with 5 hours of marketing activity per week. Then up to 90% of business owners cannot do 1 of these content marketing jobs. Or get stuck with all 3 of these quests. Without anyone pointing to you this shortcoming.
That is why they need professional copywriters and marketers. Who is already working in the industry? Like the furniture industry that I am in. I have been doing furniture, marketing,
and sales, also installing furniture for clients for 5 years. So I am confident that I can help you increase sales on your website and youtube channel.

Via content marketing and Google ads.