Also because I work in the furniture business now. So I will often give examples, and content about this industry. Thousand This h has also supported my family and the village where I live. As well as giving me a lot of living capital, lots of effective sales experience.

What content do I share?


You can still learn the good things below if you have other businesses. About topics like:
1. Design for a website, eCommerce, interior
I have long learned that.
In many cases when you have an idea that is enough to help you succeed.
Not having to do a lot of big hammer strategies do nothing.
Especially for small businesses. Less capital, the more careful each step. Especially in marketing and sales.
But this becomes even more difficult when it is reported. That up to 58% of small business owners spend only 5 hours on marketing in a week.
With such a little time and efficiency, you need the right-thinking + the right skills + the right tools to sell successfully.
The blog I created is also not the goal of helping you. Do it. Or contribute to your success.
Though I’m just an amateur when it comes to marketing, advertising, sales.
My major is social work. Capital only reaches the vulnerable in society. Poor people, homeless people, early working children,
sex workers, drug workers, people with disabilities and the elderly, etc.
But I always strive every day to improve myself at work.
After many unsuccessful imitations of others. Finally, I got what I wanted to do and need to do.
That is becoming financially and successful in relationships. By helping clients create assets on their website.
I’m not saying they can do the same thing, or equal my existing clients.
Because each person, every business has a strength, a story that you need to take it out and show to the world.

Thank you for reading my story

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