If you are experiencing a lot of traffic. But without converting then this article is for you. 
This software is called Beeketing. And let me tell you how I found and applied this software. To help my clients sell my home at high prices. You can sell more goods while spending less money on advertising. 
Hello, I’m Hau. I am currently doing Google advertising, 
SEO video for interior businesses for the past 3 years. In process of doing this, I always have problems when running ads on the website. 
That’s a lot of traffic, but very few conversions. That’s why my clients are very impatient. They do not want to sell on the website. But want to sell goods through social networks like: 
Facebook, Youtube, because they can sell goods by phone, and text message. 
That is the typical selling style in Vietnam. 
But that works for them. Then it is difficult for me. Because I cannot know how many calls and texts they receive a day. 
So it leads to me not being able to optimize the results as they want. 
But they kept asking me to optimize ads for efficiency. The data I have is too little. 
So I have to find a way to sell goods through the website effectively. 
While studying, searching on Google, I found a way to measure with Novaon’s Auto ads tool. 
I already know which channel my clients come from, 
Search, Google, Social, Direct, or referral, advertising. 
Which product attracts customers. But the amount is still too small. 
So I immediately looked for away. After rummaging through Google, I realized that I haven’t. Social proof method to increase orders, leads, or traffic. 
It’s not as simple as displaying customer reviews on the product page. The most effective to mention is: 
Show the number of people who viewed, contacted, and purchased the product. Get customers to access the website in real-time. 
That is, they see that someone has ordered this product, making customers curious. They click on the sales notification. And go to see the product as you saw in the video. 
This is good in that. When someone orders, it will show up. 
As mentioned above this tool is called Beeketing. The reason why I chose it is that. 
First, I see many experts suggesting it as well. 
– Second, it’s free 
Third, it is an effective tool on the Woocommerce platform I am using. 
Of course, there will be similar tools on platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc…. 
You can watch the video tutorial here. 
As a result, I am bringing in 10 to 20 leads per month. Increase the number of customers that stay on the page. Helping website to top Google 469 keywords.

Increase conversion using social proof for the website not using Woocommerce

use Marketer Magic for Shopify, landing page with 4,95 review on Shopify store of Kevin David.

The Marketer Magic is a versatile tool. Both help you build effective social proof. 
Through the Sales pop notification feature. 
You can see the demo below. 

Try Marketer Magic Free Trial in 7 days 
Just helps you remind customers to abandon their shopping cart on your website. Return to the checkout page. 
By sending them an email with a picture of you holding a sign with their name on it. 

This approach simulates the way people pick up strangers. At the bus station, pier and airport. Remember the scene. 
When someone displays your name board. Then you will pay more attention right. 
Because a person’s name is the sweetest, sweetest sound to that person. 

Hence that way of doing this. It turned out to be very effective. 
See how it works here. 


Besides, this tool also has the function of authenticating, 
the email address of the customer provided for you. Is it the real address or is it a fake one? 
From there, you can save resources for sending email marketing. 
But in my opinion, applying the two above features is very effective. 

So how to apply social proof to your business website.

Imagine this tool as a trailer or an advertisement that pulls customers to the cinema. But if the movie is too bad, the customer will leave. They even spread the news to their friends and family about, 

their bad experiences at their online store. You also know that bad news spreads faster than good news.

Without knowing how to apply social proof, you will also fall into the same situation. Then you conclude with a nail: it won’t work for your website. 

To apply it successfully you need to combine it with content marketing. Here are your product description and page. 

A customer after viewing your product. They will see other users’ reviews. 

– In the first period of application, social evidence appeared in the form of customer reviews.
But then the status of fake reviews appeared more and more. And customers read many different reviews. So it’s not as effective as it originally was. 

Thus, this method has many different variations. 

Which, two main ways that successful business owners apply are. Use social proofing software, plugins on WordPress, 
 apps on Shopify, and built-in third-party software. 

 To make your website reputable as a real store 

The second way is to use user-generated content. Or also abbreviated as USG: User content generated. 

These types of content are extremely effective. Increased public confidence after watching it. A case study by Bloom by Cindy Company provides skincare products for women over 40 years old. With a turnover of 54 million dollars in four years is an extremely successful example in implementation. Social proof like this. 

But this approach requires large initial capital. And your customers need to be your loyal fans to do this for you. 

If you are a new entrepreneur, you can do it the first way. It still works as well as I did.

Of course, the tool will not guarantee an increase in sales on the first day of using it. As I said in the first paragraph. 

It depends on many things. In my example above I can sell many high priced products. Thanks to my website have effective containers. Include photos + Videos and articles. 

There is a map leading to the workshop. That proves we are a business with a store in real life. There is production initiation. So, customers are more confident in the online shopping process. 

So I always tell the client that: The tool only plays a role as the engine’s drag. If the product page is not creating a good user experience. With content, no matter how expensive the tools you buy. You also cannot stock. 

How to write a product page that sell

This is a lesson that I have spent a lot of time effort and money on. Just realized. 

So learning how to write or hire a content writer or copywriter, the design is very important. 

Don’t be afraid to waste money or time creating effective content. Because 1 powerful article appears in front of 1000 people, you have 1000 salespeople for you. Without paying any costs for ads. 

See how to make a product page for your online store in the video below. 

If you do not have the time or this is not your strong point then you can rent content on Fiverr. 

Watch this video tutorial to hire the right copywriter and designer for your website. 

          3. Why are some businesses that do not need to use this method to still sell effectively? 

. Because these are the two steps that I have taken successfully for my clients’ websites. But that doesn’t mean it will work for you. 

In fact, I have no idea what your business sells. What is the price? Segment customers like. 

But I told you it was right for your business, it’s that I’m lying. To try to sell you. 

It is true that there are companies whose websites do not use this method. They also just use normal content. They still sell successfully. 

What is the reason? 

They don’t need to be because: 

– Their product prices are cheap from only 10 USD to under 100 USD 

– Products are FMCG, home appliances. That is to have a large customer base 

They are big brands that have spent years, 
 building their brand reputation on the internet. 

– They have a large advertising budget 

And if you are

And when you are a new entrepreneur joining this online market. 

You are selling: 

High-priced products from over $ 100 to $ 3,000 or more 

– One-time products such as furniture, 
complex products such as finance, cars, real estate, etc. 

– Your brand is still new to consumers. As mentioned above there will be no or very few strangers. Want to buy from you unless they see a lot of people already buying it. 

– Your advertising budget is low average or low 

– More importantly, 
you need to know which product your customers interested in and have demand for. From there you promote advertising for that product. 

From there, optimize the revenue, the profit earned on each capital spent.


The social proof app can help you get more data about your product. From there you make a more accurate decision. Without spending a lot of money on advertising. 

So what are you waiting for without using the two apps that I have listed above?



If you already have good content and product descriptions, 
the tools you need are social proof apps and plugins. 

Also, if you have the merit, you need to learn how to use the tool. It’s not just an efficient installation. As shown in the instruction video. But also combine it with content marketing. 

If you can’t do it, go ahead and hire someone who can do it for you. 

Especially if you sell high priced products. Then consider investing in the Fiverr Pro service. For writers and employees who have an operational certificate issued by Fiverr. 

Moreover, they focus on 1 industry such as furniture, photography. Then your content will be much more attractive.