How to boost conversion rate on website ecommerce without pay more for ads

How to boost conversion rate on website eCommerce without pay more for ads

In this video, I will share with you my ways to boost conversion on the website without paying more ads or set up any tools.  Of course, use tools combine content will bring highly effective for online stores.

The transcript of the video :

In today’s video, I will show you how to increase the conversion rate on the website, Very high. Without having to buy any extra tools or software. And these are the things that I did for my website. It is the image, the image that helped us achieve this result.

And this is one result. There are many more results then sell high priced furniture. About a few thousand dollars too. Tens of millions of VNDSo, why can pictures and videos produce so many results?

Ok, that’s what I want to tell you. Let me show you my stats. The reason customers see more photos. I will show you about customer behavior on your website, what will they see first.

That is the image, right?

The picture they will press first

And they will scrutinize the images in great detail,

And you see that most of the time on the web customers spend looking at the pictures

And after a boring overview, they will look carefully at each photo.

Why is that

In my opinion, there are 3 reasons:

First: It is the human brain that thinks in images so that there is a saying: “a picture is equal to a thousand words”.

Because humans will view the image first and then view the text

The second reason is:
Most of the customers are increasingly lazy, they will choose to see if the image has details. talking.

While one day consumers are overwhelmed by many different advertisements. So, to save time, they will focus on viewing images over text.

So a lengthy product description proved unnecessary

The third reason is that most of our clients are middle-aged.

Ranging from 35 years old. These people have reduced vision compared to before. So they are very afraid to read small text on the phone.

Eye fatigue. In fact, they will forget immediately after leaving the site. But the specifications or benefits can be seen anywhere.

Many times we write extremely detailed specifications. But when customers do contact. They often ask for specifications and other information about the product.

It proves they only read the title, Or they forgot the information they read.

First, they read the title, second, they see mainly photos.

You see, most of the customers are viewing the images.

Thus images are extremely important in sales and marketing

Do not believe, you just install the hotjar tool on the website to check the truth.

So long articles about the product will reduce the number of readers.

Because online nowadays, there is a lot of fake news.

And sellers often talk too much about the use and materials of the product.

Thus, customers no longer believe in the sellers’ words

Do you know the information that: up to 30% of customers do not believe in news and advertising on Facebook?

That is also one reason why they read fewer articles

You do need to focus on creating images right now.

This will help you increase your conversion rate

High-priced products are more likely to be viewed by customers.

You see, Press the slider to the right incredibly fast.

Yet, I noticed that most of the shops,
and website owners were not properly aware of and had no more pictures on their website.

Let me show you

When I typed this word on Google.

And I clicked on the search engine

I choose to go to website advertising on Google.

Here I choose 1 product as a sample

This product only contains one photo.

And then a bunch of keyword tags to get to the top. An outdated way to do SEO

Live chat is available on this page.

No, they won’t care about texting. They will take pictures, if there is no photo they will text you. Dream, baby.

That’s is no way.

That depends on the level of ease of the customer only. Many people see only 1 image and short information then they will exit.

Now I will give you an example abroad to see how.

This is the website

Most of the website is beautifully designed.

Only a few people have full and up-to-date images.

Now we will see this product

Yes, there is only one photo, only one photo

Big companies don’t say what to do. Because they are very detailed

And many websites don’t even work anymore. But that’s not the main problem here

And very few photos. That’s why very few customers buy from you on your site

Even selling high-priced or low-priced products still have few photos.

Sometimes I see many places where they do detailed photos like this. To sell.

Or sell at high prices like this

It is rare to have a place to do so many photos.

They certainly do the details.

So I will help you by asking a question like this.

Take a pen or paper or write in Word

Answer the question: What is preventing you from doing this

I firmly believe that everyone has seen the benefit of having a lot of images on the website.

I have already experienced it

There are products that I take extremely good photos of dual. Write the full article.

After stopping advertising,
customers still call and ask to buy products 2-3 months later.

What is stopping you from doing it?

Ok, no skills

There is no time

Or any other reason.

Oh, you can think of its benefits, I just recommend the photography course for you.

Ok, no problem, I will recommend it to you. But if you don’t make a decision, don’t find out why it prevents you from doing this.

Then you have long failures, and you cannot sell

That’s why I ask you to write down the answer.

What keeps you from taking more pictures.

Why, why don’t you do or don’t upload more photos

Please write down your answer in the comment of this video.

Then keep asking yourself an important question.

To motivate you to take action

That is: If you keep doing this, you will lose nothing

If you are in this barrier, you lose nothing

Ok, here is my suggested answer

If you stay in this zone you will lose:

Losing leads

Lost your order

Drop-in search engine rankings

From there you will find answers, solutions to your problems

If you don’t have the skills, go to school

If you don’t have time, arrange work to study. Only focus on your work and you’ll have time.

I know that in tough times these days you can spend a lot of money on photography.

You can spend up to 6-7 million to hire a photographer to take a quality photoshoot. Overseas will be 350 USD per day.

So I think you should learn how to take pictures of your products.

Of course, if you have the budget to hire a freelancer or an agency, that’s fine. Not worth discussing.
But if you don’t have the money, self-education is the cheapest method. Which has the highest efficiency. Because you are the most knowledgeable about your product.

In the introductory side,
I introduce you to many courses so you can learn about effective product photography.

Free course available. There is also a paid course. If your English is good, you can learn photography for free.

There is also a high-quality paid course that I think will be of great help.

Besides, you can also sign up for the course: building an online store from scratch. The registration link is below

IT will help you in the process of selling online on your website.

Because also to this video,
I also guide you on how to advertise,
write content, image, video, and optimize website conversions.

Helping you increase sales in the fourth quarter of this year.

Thank you for listening and watching my video.

You have two options
1 is learning how to take photos and videos instantly so that you can sell successfully on the website. Also, cost savings thousands of dollar


2: Follow the 5 combo steps I’ve been doing for my client in this article.
This process keeps you on the right track. Because I know that having pictures alone and not knowing how to sell will not generate sales for your online store.

5 Simple Steps to Using Images to Increase Conversions on Your Ecommerce Website.