Product description writing and optimization copywriting

Product description writing and optimization to help you sell on the interior website effectively.

With this service you will receive:

    • Increase organic traffic with SEO
    • Sale instantly with  PPC ads
    • Increase lead with this SEO description product on website furniture 

1.Your problem

2.A financial solution that I will bring you

3.The way I work for you.

4. How much do you need to invest in this service.

1.Your problems.

Dear, small and medium enterprises in the furniture industry. And e-commerce.

Yesterday I read an article about,

the surging demand for furniture of our customers in America amid a pandemic. Make the supply not enough of the buyer demand.

This is also due in large part to the fact that customers are leaving apartments in major cities in America. To return to their homeland or the suburbs.

Buy their houses. That is why the furniture in the apartment building is no longer usable.

They turn to internet shopping. This, at the same time as social disruption, keeps people from going to the store. Even the most demanding customers. Also, have to step up to the screen of the phone, computer to buy goods.

So the demand for online purchases has exploded online. Bringing the establishment of furniture businesses.

At the same time, traditional businesses are led by middle-aged people. Also went online to focus on digital transformation.

This will be much more difficult. Compared to the offline environment in real life. When you just wait for customers to pick up products at the store and buy goods.

You need to spend up to 80% of your time marketing and selling. The remaining 20% ​​focuses on manufacturing processes and store management.

Meanwhile, according to Business Insider,

up to 58% of local business owners spend only 5 hours per week on internet marketing for their business.

58 Percent of Small Businesses Spend 5 Hours or Less on Marketing
58 Percent of Small Businesses Spend 5 Hours or Less on Marketing

What is the result of that?

These are sketchy product pages,

with only a little basic information about the product. And some simple images.

On their Facebook page sometimes there are a few pictures. Include your phone number. Or record live steam videos at the store.

And hopefully, customers will text, call to buy from you.

Doing so will bring you how many customers each month.

I’m sure you already know your results.

I say that because I have been doing marketing for the furniture businesses for the past 3 years.

I met and talked to them.

They all have the mindset of the craftsmen who make good products. But weak in marketing and sales. Make them only sell wholesale to more efficient sellers.

At the same time, I was born and raised in a wooden furniture village in Hanoi Vietnam

So I did anything in the industry except design. From manufacturing, marketing, transporting, and installing to customers.

    1. Solution finance for you

Then is there any way for you? Is a business owner in need of customers to buy from you?

The answer is yes. You can hire marketers to bring you, customers.

I know you will have a hard time hiring.

From the fear of fraud, losing money, and being ineffective, to brand damage.

Because there are a lot of imposters who speak very well. But are unable to deliver the same results as what they said.

So you need to find the people who are delivering results for their clients in this agency world.

As stated above and in these emails, blog posts. I specialize in helping furniture businesses sell online on their websites.

What I did was bring customers to them through writing, designing product pages. To sell goods on their website.

As you can see in the picture below. This product post brought my client 300 leads in a month.

Which converts 79 leads into customers to buy goods and meet at the store.

The price of this product is 39 million VND or 1.683 USD.

The conversion rate from visitor to leads is 2,5 %

And I help them sell dozens of products like this every month.

And here is also a product from another campaign that I did for my clients.

The article describing this product brought back 117 leads including people who called.

The price of this product is 25,5 million VNĐ or 1100 USD.

Convesion rate to leads is  5,5 %

And I also sell to my customers many high priced products like this

This has broken the perception of many people that.

They cannot sell high-priced e-commerce products through the website.

As a friend of mine said so.

Actually with such high priced products. You need to sell them over the phone or talk to them via video or photo messages.

We can’t expect customers to pull out their credit cards and fill out your order form on the website. Like other cheap products.

And yet, this article is also on top of Google keywords. It delivers lots of organic hits.

As you can see below.

Source : SEMrush

There was a time last year, although I haven’t updated the content for a long time. But every month, there are still 10-20 customers coming from organic search on Google.

    1. Does this method work for me?

Of course to do this. You also need to know how to design, write Google ads, display and Youtube. And even install ads.

And I’m the one doing that for the client too.

You can also order my PPC ad writing package as well.

Writing ad copy and managing PPC ads.

By doing so, you create a seamless customer experience between the ad and the product or service page.

From there, reduce the bounce rate of the customer.

At the same time. Make them interested in other products below after viewing,

the product page that I advertise.

Rather like many people titled clickbait. Like hanging the head of a goat selling dog meat. To attract customers to the landing page, product page. Then they were disappointed they went out again.

This strategy has brought me over 117 leads for a single product and google ad campaign.  That you can see here.

This is also the product that I have been making for 2 years now.

It doesn’t just get you the customer to buy it right away.

It also gives you organic traffic through Google.

At the same time, you can pull links through your blog and vice versa.

    1. How much do you need to invest in this service?

Then back to your way of doing it. Which I said in the first part of this article.

The question I have is.

Are you ready to change your results from no customers to more orders in the next month?

From there you have the cash flow to do other things or not?

If the answer is yes then you will need to invest a sum of money. My quota is $ 50 per product page.

For example, you need 6 products to do.

So you need to invest: 6 * 50 = 300 USD.

Because products need good descriptions and companies will pay big bucks to copywriters who excel in writing enticing descriptions that drive customers to purchase.

You will receive the product with the results.

1 standard SEO product description.

Images are properly formatted for posting to store pages and social media.

Insert phone number in the picture if you ask.

Post the standard SEO product on your store page.

The length is 60-120 words.

Also if you want to sell to customers buy immediately.

You can invest more in PPC ads by Writing ad copy and managing PPC ads package —

Because The best ads have the best copy.

This number needed because I bring you results.

If you are ready then please book an appointment with me via messenger here.

Or fill out the on this page Hire Me 

To ask questions and negotiate about the investment you can invest.

We will video call over my skype.

During this meeting you will receive:

Find out the core message you want to share with your customers

Select 1 product you want to sell

Select the product you want to sell more

How I will improve your product description page copy

Things you can do to get the most out of it.

Negotiate how much investment you can afford. It will bring more orders, leads, and traffic than what you spend.

I will also show you how I do it on your website.

Thank you very much.

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