The formula for success is start small and focusing on the quality and detail of the job


To start this article I would like to tell two stories. One of myself.


  1. The first story

    One is that of a blogger specializing in making money with bloggers in Vietnam that I have known him for 3 years.

His name is Nguyen Anh Ngoc, owner of the blog:

Specialize in sharing about how to make money online with blogs and affiliate marketing for readers in Vietnam. Thanks to this blog and another blog about e-money, he had financial independence, bought a house, and let his children go to private school.

Also helping more than 5000 others are his readers to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing blogs

A successful life that many people dream about is not you.
However, if you know the story behind that he shared recently on his personal Facebook, you can see clearly that he has experienced many failures just because he did not learn the lesson above.

Note: this is the lesson I learned through his sharing. But in the article, he did not mention this lesson. The original article mainly talks about the benefits of reading. However, I learned the lesson in another aspect.

Do not misunderstand, I do not intend to distort or lie to anyone. Because these are my own feelings. Maybe you, like me, have learned lessons from many people, many situations but now there is an example for me to absorb and remember it so I can share it with you.

The Black story is here

In 2013, Ngoc was a salaryman who read the book: “Billionaire selling shoes: ” by the founder of the world’s largest online shoe company Zappos, Tony Hsieh. Which Amazon bought later for $ 1.2 billion. Even if you don’t read books like me, you know this famous story has been covered by economic reporters. Tell it again and again how many times.

Strong influence from the book he thinks day and night and decides to start a business with the e-commerce industry.
That day he had a very bold decision. It was to persuade the wife to agree to let him sell the house in Saigon ie Ho Chi Minh City.
Get a few billion dongs, along with a few hundred million of my sister’s loan.
He rushed to work on several sales projects through the e-commerce website.
Failure and then continue.
Still failed.
I bought and read this book “Billionaire selling shoes” in 2013 when it was first printed in Vietnam (now it is reprinted many times already). At the time of 2013, it is true that the online sales house, the person who started the online business, and this “miserable” book tells the story of Tonny Hsieh who founded the online shoe selling model at the website. Zappos .com and later in 2009 was bought by Amazon for $ 1.2 billion.

After reading this book, the spirit of an online start-up is kept in my mind, and after a day of persuading me to flatter my wife SELLING HOUSE, SUCCESSFUL I invest a little more to start an online business. with a series of websites such as Price of Small Website then Flochoco .com …
Of course, finally, the small house of the husband and wife did not come back, the amount of money my sister supported did not fly but only flew for a BOOK!

So he had to return to work as a hired laborer to pay off the debt.

He analyzed his failure to not control his emotions. Only read the book and followed it, not studying the market at all. In other words, do not read soberly.

. As for me, he had to risk that he had not calculated it carefully. Play loudly, at that time, the trend of e-commerce is strong in Vietnam. Costs of SEO, google ads are very cheap.
Save a lot of costs due to not having to store goods.
But he played loudly when he failed, the heavy loss. Because of the large scale, he could not control the quality. There are many other things that you can’t control.
If he started small, focused on quality, and every component of the job, he might have succeeded. And if he fails, he will get up

After withdrawing experience, he returned to the profession to make money online. Called MMO. Specifically, making money with blogs since 2014.
The field he chooses is to help others make money from blogs, and the model helps him achieve first success as affiliate marketing than Google Adsense (making money with Youtube) and selling digital products like ebooks, courses help others make money from Affiliate marketing, blogs as he did.
With the strength of SEO and writing passion. This time he only costs money to buy hosting, domain names only. The main tool is the broken laptop corner.
In just two months he earned the first $ 80 from Affiliate marketing for companies that offer hosting, domain names.
After that, income increased a lot thanks to attracting many customers.
In 2017-2018, the trend of emerging electronic money is expected. Mr. Ngoc writes another blog about electronic money and again earns some big BTC from being affiliate marketing for virtual currency exchanges.
Thanks to this amount also the right investment he has achieved one certain success that I mentioned at the beginning of the article.,
Of course, he also has to read books like crazy to find out how to make and implement marketing and sales for his blog,

2. The second my story

Being a reader on his blog has been a long time. I am also happy for him to reflect on his story
I was a young man born in 90. And he was born in 1987.

My generation is a generation that is exposed to many success stories. Especially billionaires, millionaires they step up to glory through big play like Donald Trump.

I and my friends have also started such great chores. But in imagination. Because my home is a basic family. It means that it is just a person who works as a hired labourer, works in the countryside to have food for life.

Yet I was infected with too many thoughts of playing big while the ability to endure and resist the shocks of failure was poor. Partly because I’m not trained in independent thinking.

So we are afraid to take responsibility. I was always in the victim’s mind: I was just an executor. Not my fault to take a little bit of burden

So even if I go to work, I always follow the ideas of my boss and colleagues. I want to start a business, want to step up to glory,

Wanting to increase their income to escape the shocking situation, they must take responsibility for their failure.
I again neglected people talking about me when I lost. So do it only in imagination.

My mood kept being torn like that until I read Mr. Ngoc’s article. What he didn’t say clearly about how he stood up after failing. However, I firmly believe that he is the one responsible for his decision.

From there, he decided to rebuild his life. And get support from my wife and children, and my sister let him borrow money.

Overcoming obstacles, suspicion of making money through blogs. He continues to work to achieve success today, He focuses on a single topic. As for me, I participated in many areas and still failed.

For me when typing google search on ways to make money online. Then a note at the end of the article caught my attention: ‘Start small, focus on product quality and every single detail of your work. “In a blog, I don’t remember the name.

I have read two books before about starting small. It is starting with $ 100 by author Chris Guillebeau and 7 Startups of Dan Norris

Then there was an introduction to the book: Starting a lean career. Yet I still haven’t realized these first lessons. Just come when reading those words. As if awakening.

And then I realized that I had been on the wrong road for a long time without realizing it. I just need to start small with the job I’m good at.

It’s alright to change jobs forever. It is a bad idea to imitate the success of others.
At that time you were just enjoying the feeling of making thousands of dollars a month. But when you start working, you can’t accept the journey to achieve it so hard

It turned out that work was only that, but I kept looking for successful recipes somewhere far away.
So I wrote this first post.
The first is to train, train for yourself. Always remember and act on this statement. Also share with others, freelancers, owners startup about your path, and the experience you have experienced.

Of course, this is only applicable when you have found the job you are strong at. And love it the better.
As I found work as a consultant online ads and conversion marketing on the e-commerce website

To help business owners achieve their goals.

To do this is really difficult because. I had no confidence in my abilities before. So, I often imitate others.
There have been many times when I imitated others when I saw their accomplishments in the newspaper. This means that I have not verified their transparency. Yet, I just went into acting on the emotion of making thousands of dollars a month. There is no passion at all.
I know it’s very bad for those around me. As my friends and parents advised me not to do it.
But I didn’t mind it just because I felt I could do it and I just did it. Until one day I was eager to follow this girl in order to earn 6000 USD / day. Or at least 1/60 of that number is satisfied. You can see the article here
I suddenly felt chest pain … Although I was a very healthy person. No strange foods, nor much sugar, salt, oil or stimulants.

I still exercise every day
Yet the pain continued.
Then there is only one cause.
It was me who imitated others
So I made a vow that t: Will end this and focus on one thing.
After saying this to myself, the pain ended
I was very surprised.
Because at that time it hurt so much that I couldn’t call for help while sitting alone like that.
Since then I have decided that I must find a job that I love
That is doing online advertising, in the field of digital marketing.
affiliate marketing, not going to mimic left-hand jobs. Also known as the hustle side.

And this is my result

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking for it. The most important thing is that you need to take the time to study, think, and act, not to mimic the patterns of success that I used to. I know this advice is not effective.

The most famous of which is the case study.

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Because you may not believe me, your situation is different from mine.
. You need more experience. Do more

n this blog, I also share ways and tips for you to achieve such achievements.
That’s what I did. You do not care about big dreams while still not doing the small things.
That’s right in the world of advertisers and conversion optimization like us. Small changes can produce big results.
And big changes like sales are made up of small actions. Hosted by website administrators, advertisers, content marketers day in and day out.
In short: the secret to success is simply: doing the right things in the right way for a long time.
There is no secret to getting rich quick here.

But let’s not talk about this anymore. Go back to my story.
From now on I will share many stories like this more.
Do you agree?. If yes, you can comment yes. Ask me questions.

I want to receive feedback from you, not the virtual interaction to top on your wall. Let us go together to achieve success.

Thank you for reading this long article.


Hello, entrepreneurs, and marketers. I am David Hau. The full name is Pham Duc Hau. I blog to share the experience of how to do it. To increase sales and leads on e-commerce websites for entrepreneurs, offline store owners. Through Google, Youtube, FB, IG advertising tools and optimize your website. Everything comes from the process of making advertising for businesses in my furniture industry. I look forward to hearing from you. See more at Youtube:

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