No special qualifications, qualifications or skills are required.

You want to find a part-time job. In order to create an additional source of monthly income. Compensate for a reduced income from the work you do. In the context of economic downturn. Or you are looking for a job you love. Before that, when the economy was prosperous, you had no chance to do that. You are always afraid to influence the main job.

Do not worry. Now is the best time to find a new job for yourself. Because in me also used to be like you. And I’ve been getting out of this mud by finding and doing the jobs below. Consistent with my passion and the needs of society.

Top 8 jobs at home that are suitable for your passion
Top 8 jobs at home that are suitable for your passion but still bring you high income? No special qualifications, qualifications or skills are required.

Most jobs on this list do not need advanced degrees. Special technology skills or capital to start your dream job.

Of course, you and I can’t do all the work on this list. Because we will be exhausted and we will not have time for family and friends.

But you can always choose a job that suits your passion and the needs of society. It is great that both of these things work together in one thing in common. Thus, you have succeeded. So today I am going to share with you this list. BELOW the angle on your passion.

That way you can do these things long term.

Note before reading,

These are not jobs that help you get rich quick in just a short time. Whether you can use the money to help your work grow faster.

I do not recommend buying any tools or courses. It’s just that you should join the free training program yourself. Help you save your time and effort only.

There are affiliate marketing links in this article. When you take a paid course I will receive a commission from the course owner. You still get its full benefits.

  1. Make money with Youtube without creating videos

There is a famous saying like this. The simplest job offers the highest income. The most complex work offers the lowest income.

That is true of the YouTube creator. Content creator on youtube. And true to those who make money on Youtube without having to create any videos. This way of doing is the current trend.

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos (Weird Niche ...

There are many case studies online. Because you only need to use CC videos. Or copyrighted videos for free on video sharing sites like pixabay, Pexel, etc.

With never-ending hot topics such as music, relaxation, education, comparison, entertainment, and inspiration.

The three topics that attract the most views are entertainment, inspiration and education.


You think you lack the ability to speak or hesitate to stand in front of a camera to become an actor on Youtube. With practical and entertaining shows.

But you soon have a passion for reusing other people’s content. To create new content. According to your own unique perspective. Then you absolutely can create unlimited income from 5000 to 50,000 USD per month. And even more based on the number of views and your channel subscriptions.

This is a passion to help you succeed in using other people’s resources. Just like a leader accomplishes work through others.

Help users get the most out of what they have.

Advantages of this method

– You don’t need to stand in front of the camera to show your face. That means you will not feel embarrassed. Or face the body shaming of the online community about your body.

– You do not need to create video, images and audio. Just use them usefully in your own way.

– You don’t have to worry about copyright because it’s all free content on the internet.

– Low investment cost: You only need a computer and software to create and edit videos. Add 1 microphone if you want to show your voice

– A team if you want to do many different channels.

– Unlimited income

Disadvantages of this method:

– You will have to create content constantly. Because this market is very competitive. If you do not create content continuously, you will not receive new views. Generate income for you. All content creators, of course d Every YouTube user has to create a new video every week. But for you you will need to create new videos everyday. Even twice a day.

– You will need more tools to SEO videos to top YouTube, Google. If only made by hand you will not be able to rise above the opponent.

If you really want to engage in simple work that generates this high income. Join a free training session by expert Matt Par in here

. He is an expert in this field. With 9 channels of YouTube combining other people’s videos. Including 1 channel reached the gold button, 2 channels reached the silver button of Youtube.

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Free Training make money with youtube

I also joined the webinar and received a lot of useful information. More than what I’ve just listed above. Although I have been doing Youtube for 3 years and have 1 youtube channel with nearly 2k followers.

  1. Make money with proofreading jobs

Make money with Proof reading as you still see in the job listings on Linkedin, the onlinet job page. It was the person who did the reading test. To check for text errors. Because when writers, editors, copywriters in marketing companies or marketing departments of that company create marketing content. Do they not pay attention to whether it has many spelling or grammatical errors?

But readers, viewers watching the ad content that pay attention to these errors. Although sometimes they do not affect the conveyance of the text or video.

But they are still frustrated and often write comments criticizing advertisers. In the past, a complaint was sent to the company advertising the product.

It is also normal. Because, according to psychologists, some people find it difficult to see spelling and grammar errors in other people’s text. At this time, they do not pay attention to the product but only focus on scrutiny and catching other people’s mistakes. And you know it’s easy to point out the mistakes of others. But not many people love to fix those errors.

If you are one of the audience, not only pointed out the error of the restaurant menu. Advertise your child’s products, tests. But there is also the passion of fixing such errors that your friends. Giving you a nickname is the police spelling. Every time you comment on their posts on social networks.

Then this job is destined for you.

Although it is a left hand job, it can still generate income up to 4000 usd / month.

The same way Catlin made her $ 43,000 annual income.

You can do the same.

This job does not need high qualifications. Or a high degree.

You can still find jobs easily on the online job search site in the Gig economy. At job placement websites such as: Upwork, Fiverr and so on.

Of course, you don’t need to take anyone’s course. I encourage that. You can do this right away. By participating in the aforementioned online job markets.

But if you want a panoramic view of this job. Want to know the secrets of professionals in the profession. As well as his career development roadmap. In order to save time and effort searching on Google.

Take part in the 76-minute conference of Caitlin here.

Free Tranning about Proof reading with Caitlin

It has helped many people have more motivation and confidence to start a new job.


Income depends on your ability.

  1. Make money with kindle ebooks or self-publish

– Your dream as a child was to be a tour guide. Or you want to be a great adventurer. Join exciting adventures on locations around the world. But nowadays due to the impact of a pandemic, you have to read books at home.

– Or you want to tell a romantic love story. Equally thrilling for everyone to hear.

In fact, these are the two best-selling books on Amazon’s kindle. With millions of potential customers on it. When from children to the elderly. Must stay at home because of the disease. They are not allowed to travel, explore everywhere for men. And don’t go to the cinema to see romantic movies about women.

Therefore books and ebooks are the top entertainment options that are the cheapest. Compared to other types of entertainment at home.

A very potential market is waiting for you to explore. If you have the ability to tell passionate, dramatic and passionate stories. Passionately in the eyes of the you.

then this is the job for you.

The income of this job ranges from 10000- 45 000 usd / month. Depending on the number and quality of books. As well as your marketing ability.

With the free training program of ……

You can enter this field and earn 10 .0000+ usd in 3 easy steps.

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  1. Make money, increase income with the job of managing social media for businesses.

Have you ever wished to become an MC, podcast, fanpage manager for artists, athletes, in general, all jobs in the media and advertising industry?

If so, this is your chance. As Jim Nantz dreamed he would someday become a radio broadcaster of CBS sport.

While studying at the University of Houston, he and his friend Fred Couples showed the scene where the winner of the Master golf tournament was escorted into Butler’s room to get a green coat. And then an interview with a reporter from CBS sport.

14 years later, they still repeat this scene. But this time the world was watching. Fred Couple won the Master Award. And when he was escorted into Butler’s room by the staff of the tournament. He was interviewed by none other than CBS sport broadcaster Jim Nantz.

Well, you can also do like Jim by practicing right now. Practice visualizing what you want to do in the future. That is the story from “The secret of success for young people” by Jack Canfield & Kent Healthy.

However, in my opinion, besides visualizing, you can do it gradually. By accumulating his experience in the position of managing social media for businesses.

Because you know it is very difficult to participate in CBS sports program when you are anonymous. But to become a reporter, to a newsletter of some company on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube is very easy.

These companies need you to reach out, maintain communication with customers to grow their sales monthly.

If you are passionate about working with others. Or in other words, helping others through their words. Sometimes it’s not a big deal about a company’s product or service, but just a word of encouragement. On the company’s Podcast is enough to inspire, even inspire the customers of the company you work for.

Inspiration is contagious. So they will share that content to help the company’s brand and reputation increasingly resonate with many free customers.

This job requires no qualifications or superior experience. You will be trained by them. You can also find free training on Youtube on the job that gives you 5-8 k usd / month.

There are many people who teach you to get started on a job. If you don’t want to open a social media management agency yourself, you can find this job on job search sites. Many companies allow employees in this position to work from home with salaries ranging from 30-70,0000 usd / year.

  1. Teaching online

You are a parent with children of school age. You are passionate about guiding others in learning any knowledge. From simple like English to the 3D programming course.

Different from the other teacher. You are not just concerned with student progress. But also care about their feelings. Learning environment as well as other factors. Like a parent. Take care of giving to your children.

Then this is the job for you. The world desperately needs teachers like you.

Alternative to teachers who only teach courses just to make money. With the explosion of online education. Bring this business to global sales of $ 325 billion by 2025.

Creating courses based on the knowledge and skills you have is not bad. Because this is a job that you do not need too much knowledge and skills.

You can still earn 25-50,000 usd for basic exel course on the online course selling page such as udemy, skillshare.

However, because most people teach without passion. But just after the profit, you will see that almost 95% of the courses are garbage.

You and your children will walk through the minefield to find Or create your own path.

As the saying goes, the simplest job is the one that makes the most money. You can participate in teaching on other companies’ systems.

For example, VPKID and QKIDs in the two videos below are recruiting foreign language teachers for children in China.

Or you can take part in teaching at this company. With all kinds of necessary knowledge.

This is a simple option to get started. Through the process of working at these companies. You will gain more experience to create online courses on your own platform. For a higher price, more value for your students. Only after 6 months, if you are really serious.

  1. Advertising Facebook for e-commerce businesses. Local business.

Do you remember that you haven’t gone to the grocery store in a long time to buy everything you want? Instead, you spend time on Google searching for products on the company’s sales website. Go on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart, Rakuten. Taobao. to buy online.

E-commerce has exploded more rapidly than many years ago combined. Since its birth by Amazon in 1994.

Thanks to the leverage of disease, social isolation is possible. Making people forced to stay home to ensure for themselves and the community.

Even for the middle-aged generation X. Also known as the baby boomer, he doesn’t like using computers to buy online. Now I’ve started getting used to this. When the regular shops they visit often closed due to social isolation.

Consumers change behavior that many local businesses with traditional stores are struggling.

They found that the digital transformation to the online environment. It was a must, not just a slang by Bill Gates.

Therefore they have a great need in the store construction. And need advertisers to bring customers to their online store.

Instead of just passively waiting for customers to come to the store to buy like before.

If you are passionate about advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, this is the opportunity for you.

You absolutely can charge 1000-2000 usd / month for customers. Or charge according to the Pay Per Lead model. Meaning they will pay based on the number of leads and the quality of your lead.

This business model has helped many people get out of debt quickly.

Of course every market is competitive. But my opinion is that the more competitive you are, the more chance you have. Your customers are still very much out there. And they are willing to pay you to help them sell.

This is also one of my passions and the main job that earns 500-1000 USD / month for me. By running ads, Youtube, Facebook for local businesses operating in the field of e-commerce.

You can go to Youtube to learn how to effectively promote Facebook and Youtube.

But be careful with videos with the headline: “Learn to advertise Facebook, Youtube, Google from beginner until become an expert in just 1 video”.

THAT is just a video for fishing view. Because it is technically true that installing an ad on Google’s and Facebook platforms is not difficult. You can learn how to do it in just 1-2 hours. But to create orders for your business. Then no one can explain and guide how to do in just a short video.

But you need a good guide. Show you how to do it effectively.

If you do Dropshipping then you need to learn about Facebook ads.

You can join the Facebook ads workshop

J. Fisher by clicking the link below.

Free course Facebook ads for ecommerce

In this 60 minute video. He will show you how to run basic Facebook ads for your store on Shopify.

My point is to master the basics. Before caring or doing advanced things. Like the story of a bamboo tree taking 5 years to root. Create a platform for it to bounce to 30 m high for the next 6 months.

The more you master the basics, the more you will understand and have the experience to understand and practice advanced things.

Remember, the snail is just as important as the machine.

money then learn only advanced things. While basic skills are not firm.

People only think that the courses contain advanced knowledge. But the truth is that it includes both basic and advanced knowledge. And it is important to have timely support from teachers. It is the support that online courses on Youtube cannot offer.

  1. Make money with affiliate marketing

Became a millionaire at 34 years old by livestream selling other people’s products.

Huang Wei can sell everything.

For example: In April, Huang (commonly known as Viya) sold a rocket for 40 million yuan ($ 5.6 million). The 34-year-old “queen livestream” hosts most of the online nights for her fans across China. Last month, she set a record when there were more than 37 million people in a livestream – more than the last episode of Game of Thrones or Oscars.

Every night, Viya’s audience orders several million dollars worth of goods – mostly cosmetics, household items, ready-made food or clothing, but she also sells homes and cars. During the “Singles Day” shopping holiday, she achieved sales of 3 billion yuan. The spread of the corona virus caused most Chinese people to stay at home to order, which further enhanced Viya’s business.

In a world where we all shop at home, Viya embodies our shared future vision. Online shopping is a natural result of a series of current technology trends – streaming, influencers, social, e-commerce. It also gives companies a new way to reach consumers’ hearts and, more importantly, their wallets.

“I see myself as a customer who helps make decisions – I need to think about their needs. In particular, my ambition is to provide everything for my fans. From carpets, brushes. I think that, the interior, everything, “said Viya.

“I never miss any of her live broadcasts.” Linda Qu – a 30-year-old office worker said. Every night, after putting her 4-year-old son to bed, Linda would lie down on her sofa, open her phone and watch Viya’s show. Most shows that Linda has to buy an item. “Fear of missing out” syndrome makes Linda want to watch the show next, next again. “Maybe there’s a nice item and then I miss it, then that’s a shame.”

In fact, customers often move very slowly from product awareness to purchase and then loyalty to the product. “Working with livestream stars like Viya shortens the process,” said Helen Hu, mainland Chinese spokesman for P&G.

Do you see the core of what makes her successful in online sales?

That is the saying:

I see myself as a customer who helps make decisions – I need to think about their needs. In particular, my ambition is to provide everything for my fans. From carpets, brushes. beat that, the interior, everything

This is how an affiliate marketer works.

Because they do not have products. So their content is the product. (Michelle) And the unique task of this special product is:

Help customers make easy decisions after viewing their content. That’s why they read your review, review, compare your product. Or simply make a video, share livestream about the product as the girl in the story above. Then buy through your affiliate link.

It is selling like not selling.

Are you passionate about helping others buy products / services more effectively?

Want to better understand the relationship between marketing and sale. Then this is the job for you.

The cost to join is low or even free. If you choose to work with free traffic and don’t need a website.

Of course you do not need to imitate the girl in the story, but do it effectively according to your current capacity.

But if you want to dig deeper. About the process of making affiliate marketing. To be able to really understand it. Then join the free training session of John Crestani here.

He is a Super Affiliate that has generated sales of $ 1,5 million in 5 months. Only with one marketing campaign for a single product.

This 90-minute training session shares the right mindset for success in the affiliate marketing world. And importantly, 3 steps to help you create a successful affiliate campaign.

Of course, to succeed you need to be involved in more work.

But it is a roadmap to help you go this way more sustainably and firmly.

Like I am writing this article is helping you choose the job that suits your passion and ability. But it helps you

having a new mindset is also an encouragement for me.

  1. Making freelance writing for businesses

The easiest job to start in this self-employed world is to be a freelancer writer.

Exactly. Anyone can make money from this freelance writing career. Just you have the ability to write and read at the elementary level. You can do it too.

Father of advertising science. John . Claude. B.Hopkins also never attended college. But he is an excellent copywriter. Make millions from your typewriter in a small log house in the woods.

Because most consumers simply have the ability to read comprehension equivalent to a grade 5 student. So if you write to anyone who understands your ideas. Then you have succeeded. And can earn thousands to millions of dollars with freelance content marketing, copywriting jobs.

However to do this. You need to be passionate. That is the process you dive in the pile of documents in the library. Or on the internet. With tons of huge information. But you also know that gold, silver, diamonds often lie with scrap iron, trash.

You need to be passionate about analyzing and digesting information. Filter out the information you need. From which to write a complete article.

You also like to work alone. Do not be disturbed by anyone else.

Writing is no easy task. That’s the job of conveying your message on every word. It not only contains content about products, services, brands you want to share with customers. It also contains your personality, passion and belief in that product and solution.

That written on the computer you will need to fix more. To write a 2000 word essay you’ll need at least 5 hours to brainstorm, draft, outline, polish the post and post it on the platform. Then make it SEO standard too.

If you have followed the above steps and still retain the enthusiasm, want to continue researching to produce quality content. Congratulations, you can go on to write for a long time. You absolutely deserve an income of USD 100,000-250000 / year.

In short, you need to be passionate about: researching, analyzing, editing, following every step in a scientific way.

And you’ll also love to meet someone who teaches you how to write better.

In fact, the people who teach you better writing are your customers and readers.

They will give you evaluation and suggestions for you to improve your ability better.

But there is a saying: “We can learn from others’ mistakes.” Because you can’t live long enough to make all the mistakes.

So reading books, joining free online courses and seminars. Is what you should join. Because you will save a lot of time and effort. As well as knowing how to prove it works.

The previous ones have many years of experience. It is also possible to instruct you to find work during the crisis caused by COvid-19. As Yuwanda Black video below.

Click to attend this webinar

She just gave advice on how she still makes money. In a time of crisis because of this epidemic.

Above is a list of 8 jobs to help you increase your income many times without a degree or high skills.

Thank you for reading here.

I hope you find a job that suits your passion. In accordance with your capacity, your strengths, the better. You will get high income.

As my passion is doing advertising and copywriting for businesses.

You can become a good person or not by a combination of basic and advanced in a long time.

Not going to buy a course