Writing ad copy and managing PPC ads.

The best ads have the best copy.

That comes from Writing ad copy and managing PPC ads.

When combined with a good product page or landing page, you will get more conversions as a result. More orders and more sales.

Hello, You know online business is the trend this year and in the years to come. It is attracting a lot of people to join. If you are a business owner that sells furniture, home furniture. And you click on my ad then this post is for 1 you to solve your problem.


So you already know how to survive and thrive among the crowd of online businesses out there. How to make your online furniture business unique and unique and have a high competitive edge


Success will never come to dreamers.


You need to successfully solve 4 problems.


1. Sales


2. Marketing


3. Products


4. Manage your business


Then you can have great success with your online business I have 1 good news and 1 bad news for you.


The bad news: out of 100 people in online businesses, only 10 can solve all the above problems. And earn income 2-30000 USD / month.


That is the most optimistic estimate. But the reality is not like that.


This is a number that is too small to represent the difficulty of building a successful online business. The good news is that you are one of the few people who know this secret.


You don’t have to do everything from the A-Z yourself. To handle those problems. The era is now the era of technology and connection.


As long as you understand how the tool works. And connecting with the right people who can do advertising and marketing for you, everything will be much simpler and more effective.


If your strength is sales, operations. Product.


Then focus on doing it. And let the marketing and advertising to the people who can bring customers to you. And the solution that I want to talk about is Writing ad copy and managing PPC ads.


Can give you the results you need.  Here’s why you should use product packages for Google ads, as well as copywriting for your interior products. To sell furniture is like any other industry. We usually have 3 channels to attract customers. I




1. Your Website promotes via SEO and Paid Search like: Google, Bing, Yahoo.2. Social network3. E-commerce exchanges in the form of market places such as Amazon, Rakuten, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc


.Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages. I just work on social media and websites. Not done on the market place so it is difficult to give you the exact answer.


But in my experience, the website will bring the biggest revenue for you. Because it gives not only profit, brand reputation but also customer data.The most valuable asset of the business.


Because other channels offer advantages from the outset. But it carries high risks later.


It is like planting trees on someone else’s land. When they confiscate your land. Then means property on your land. Also, belong to others.


Thus, I think that selling through the website will bring the highest efficiency. For your business.


And one of the ways that can bring you immediate profit during the first time sales.


That is Google advertising.


Don’t think that Google only makes search ads profitable for you. Google also has display advertising. And on Youtube.


The second-largest social network and search engine in the world. So if you want to have breakthrough changes in sales.


Come to call Google advertising services.


For your furniture business.


My service will help you:


– Increase sales on the website


-Increase the number of leads collected for long-term customer care

This site sells furniture products:
With 1 smart advertising campaign on Google. This business has received 117 calls from customers through Google.
No calls after a customer visit his website.


-Increase visits from Google organic search

Most importantly, my service can help sell high prices. But you didn’t think you could do it before. That’s right, my friend. An expert in internet marketing said: It is impossible to sell high-priced goods on e-commerce websites. But I have helped my customers sell hundreds of such products successfully over the internet. Do you want to be the next?


Read more about what I can offer you below. Here is the solution package for you- Increase lead contact with sales staff on the website- Increase direct sales for your products- Increase organic searches on Google- Reduce advertising costs on ineffective content This is a real secret while so many online businesses are failing for hours out there.


Some people know this secret and choose to become our partners and customers.


And reaping successes that they themselves cannot believe.1000, 2000, 3000 USD or more. See details of what I said below.  selling furniture, Google, and SEO advertising is still a suitable choice for businesses in this segment. But, not everyone can do it well to make a profit. After subtracting advertising costs.


At present, the furniture industry is under a huge transformation:


The impact of the epidemic has caused the need to work from home to increase.


Thus, the demand for home offices will always grow this  2021 and beyond. For example keyword: “home desk”.
Always the most searched on Google.


Besides, the trend of buying houses in the American suburbs of the middle and wealthy class. Becoming popular. Many people will want to buy new furniture. Because apartments are no longer suitable for them.


So, the opportunity will remain for small and medium business owners in this industry.


As mentioned in the previous section if you want to focus on sales and products. Then you can find someone to help you bring customers for you.


Because I don’t sell keywords/ad groups/ad copies, I and you deliver results for your website and business.

I don’t count how many campaigns I have to make. Whatever it takes to get the highest chance of bringing customers.

Because I am Google advertising in 3 areas of search, display, and video on Youtube.

Because I was born in a furniture factory. So I have experienced all 3 roles: Manufacturer, marketing, sales, and even installation to the customer’s home.

Check out my portfolio to see what I mean: https://clearvoice.com/cv/PhmcHu

Still, I don’t need your money if you are not satisfied.


I can control your advertisements with expansions, viable catchphrases, and by improving the promotion substance to offer improved traffic, more calls, leads, and deals.

I can help show your advertisements to the correct crowd by making the brand mindful and get you a solid potential client base.

I can arrange a spic and span advertisement crusade and compose top-notch promotions to advance your business.

I can support existing low-performing promotions to assist them with performing.

Also, this is the thing that I will accomplish for you practically speaking

✅Create promoting efforts without any preparation

✅Analyze and upgrade existing efforts

✅Set up norm or dynamic remarketing

✅Set up change/objectives following

✅Take care of the Google Ads account on every day/week after week premise

✅Suggest changes to your site to expand the transformation rate.

✅ Design Landing page and copywriting focus on conversion for your business.

✅And more:  set up the social proof app to build trust for your website like Beeketing, Marketer Magic, Prove Source,

Let me help you out of a slowdown, not selling high-priced furniture for your business.

    • Increase sales
    • High-quality traffic
    • Better quality score
    • Lowest possible cost per click (CPC)
    • Higher clickthrough rate 
    • Increasing ROI

How much do you need to invest in this service?

Then back to your way of doing it. Which I said in the first part of this article.

The question I have is.

Are you ready to change your results from no customers to more orders in the next month?

From there you have the cash flow to do other things or not?

If the answer is yes then you will need to invest a sum of money.

Through writing PPC ads like Google search,

GDN displays advertising by Google and Youtube.


Also, I can write Facebook and Instagram ads for you as well.


 You will receive the following products also to the results such as:


3-4 ads per ad group.


10 ad groups for 1 campaign.


20 pictures available for design.


But this product delivers a very high CTR clickthrough rate.


As you can see the result below.


Because this job needs to be highly efficient. Thus, their price in the market is 40-100 USD / ads template 


Let’s do a calculation. An ad group has 3-4 ad templates * 40 = 120 USD.


One campaign will need: 120 * 10 = 1200 USD.

Negotiate how much investment you can afford. It will bring more orders, leads, and traffic than what you spend.

So please check Page Hire Me to help you write ads and manage PPC ads for you.

Via call on skype you can ask me about your project